Every CENT Counts

So, you’re ready to leave your big bank and make the switch to a Credit Union. Or maybe you’re looking to open your first account and know CENT Credit Union is the right fit for you.

Where to Start

The first stop on the credit union map is a Regular Share account, which acts just like a savings account. We call them “Shares” because the $25.00 account minimum is a member’s ownership, or share, of the credit union. Regular Share accounts also pay dividends at the end of each month. For current rates on regular share accounts, please visit our Savings Rates page. There are currently no monthly fees or annual service fees associated with this account, as long as it’s not left alone for too long. However, members who only have a Regular Share account and don’t use it for over a year could be charged an inactive account fee (a simple deposit or withdrawal from an account will keep it off the inactive list). The interest rate for our Regular Share account is variable, which means it can change at any time after the account is opened.